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Flag Facts

- The Arizona state flag was designed by Colonel Charles W. Harris and was the first flag carried by the Arizona rifle team.

- The top half of the Arizona flag represents the 13 original colonies in the form of the sun setting over the west.

- The Arizona state flag was adopted by the Arizona State Senate on February 17, 1917.

Every Day Is A Flag Day

- New Years [Jan. 1]

- Martin Luther King Jr. Day [3rd Monday In Jan.]

- Lincoln's B-day [Feb. 12]

- Presidents Day [3rd Monday In Feb.]

- Easter Sunday [Varies]

- Mother's Day [2nd Sunday In May]

- Memorial Day |Half Staff till noon| [Last Monday In May]

- Flag Day [June 14]

- Fathers Day [3rd Sunday In June]

- Independence Day [July 4]

- Labor Day [1st Monday In September]

- Patriot Day |Half Staff| [Sept. 11]

- POW/MIA Day [3rd Friday In September]

- Constitution Day [Sept. 7th]

- Columbus Day [2nd Monday In october]

- Navy Day [October 27]

- Veterans Day [November 11]

- Thanksgiving Day [4th thursday in november]

- Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day |Half Staff| [December 7]

- Christmas Day[December 25]





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